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An extensive background in the music business as well as having worked as a music arranger, producer and background vocalist, provides Arthur G. Wright with the expertise to present a unique and polished approach to his performances. Members of The Electric Band include
Glen Wade, Bassist, who has provided the solid bass lines for many famous acts; Eddie Senegal, Saxophonist, who has traveled and played with a number of authentic oldies artists; Thomas E. Pete Fox, who has provided guitar background for many famous acts; and Charles E.Givings who has provided rock solid drums for many major acts.

Record Label Credits

I have played on or arranged more than 1000 recordings over the years. Some of these have been on independent labels while most have been major label releases. My work included finding ways to make small band music sound big, fat, and full. My use of brass and reed instruments added to the success of many records and my arrangements have inspired a number of aspiring musicians over the years. 

Album Credits
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Some Label Credits

Independent Record Labels were plentful during the 60's and 70's. I did work for many of the L.A. Record Labels.

The above are only a few of the many! There are at least 50 independent labels that I have been associated with over the years. In 1978 I was contracted to produce the first album on the Pips for Casablanca Records. That same year I produced a group for the label called Rare Gems Odyssey.

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