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ABOUT ME Continued

H. B. Barnum , along with Ron Barrett, Glen Wade, Jimmy Benson, and me, formed a group in 1956 that we called the Circats. We were a musical/novelty group and performed around the Los Angeles area in the late 50's. We also traveled to Hawaii with a show that included Billy Ward and the Dominoes, who at the time had a hit recording of Stardust".

1957 on the band stand at theDen Club, Norwalk, CA

H. B. Barnum and The Circats 1956-59
Top: Glen
Ron Barrett;
Bottom: Arthur, H.B.,
Jimmy Benson

The Gene Connors Band 1959-62
Left to right: Jim Horn, Gene, Larry Knechtel, John Pickens, Arthur, and singer Johnny Flamingo

I met and later married my wife of 46 years, Marlene , while working with The Circats  This picture was taken at the "Californian Club" in 1961. I was then working with the
Jackie Kelso Band

Our daughter, Lorianne (the youngest) our two sons, Wendell (center) and Kevin served as staff at NSP Studios, Hollywood, CA from 1978 to 1983. After we closed the studio in 1983, Kevin went to work as chief engineer for Larry Graham , Wendell went to work for the Compton Unified School District as a teacher and media technician, and Lorianne is a professional cosmetologist, and presenter for  Sebastian and other commercial beauty products manufacturers.

From 1957 to 1959 I worked with a number of different bands and shows including: The Roy Milton Orchestra , with which I traveled through the Southern States, the Sam Cooke Show , touring Northern California, The Billy Watkins Group , Don Julian and The Meadowlarks , The Johnny Otis Band , Jackie Kelso Band , Mel Williams &The Williams Brothers , The Rivingtons (Papa oo mow mow) Robbie Robinson's Band , The Howard Green Band , numerous local combos, trios, and vocal groups performing in the L.A. area.

Casio Blues.
by: Arthur G. Wright

ABOUT ME Continued  

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