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left aligned imageAs a guitar player, I started to work in local night clubs around the Los Angeles area. I also worked with different "doo wop" groups, singing backgrounds, playing guitar, and doing some recording. Back in those days we would go to Austin L. McCoy's studio on Avalon Blvd., or Ted Brinson's Studio on 30th Street in Los Angeles. I learned to read music through private lessons and would practice the guitar for up to 8 hours a day. This later paid of well.

I started a five piece band while in high school (1953), which consisted of drums, bass, piano, guitar, and saxophone. We added a female singer and did a lot of parties, dances, and shows. The first member was Glen Wade, who played upright bass. I met Glen by asking the John C. Fremont High School "band teacher" Mr. Gailey, if there was a bass player who could be used in a "combo", as small music ensembles were then called. He recommended Glen who agreed to start a band with me and we went from there. We added Sentel "Freddie" Willis on drums, Valerio Poluito, on Piano, and John Reese on Alto Sax. Theresa Procello was the first vocalist, and Joan Dennis, a neighbor, sang with us later. She also played Piano.

During my high school years, a number of singers, musicians and vocal groups developed. They were either students at Fremont, or would come over after school to rehearse with those who were. These included, Richard Berry, The Dreamers who later became The Blossoms, Don Julian and The Meadowlarks, The Calvanes, of which Sentel, became a member, The Jaguars, of which Val, became a member, The Penguins, with Cleve Duncan, the original lead singer on "Earth Angel" and a neighbor of mine, and The Laurels, with Bob Relf as the lead singer. I sang background with some of these groups, as well as backed up with guitar and in later years with the band.

Pictured above: The Original Meadowlarks with Ron Barrett (center) as the lead. Right: The Original Blossoms (Fanita Barrett, Gloria Jones Nannette, and Annette Williams) Left: The Penguins

I'm Tippin' In
by Arthur G. Wright

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